“I don’t know how you did it”

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” ― Anita Desai I wouldn’t lie and say that I have fully processed this 9-month journey, because truthfully, I still feel numb. It feels… Continue reading

Paragliding Festival [Kwahu-Atibie]

Paragliding during the Easter Festival in Kwahu-Atibie has been a tradition for the past 12 years and a growing attraction amongst locals and foreigners. It was initiated in April of 2005 by the… Continue reading


Upon selecting Ghana as my study-abroad destination, “country-wide” religion never crossed my mind. I expected that the aspect of religion in Ghana would be similar to America. See, in America, some people are… Continue reading

Market Trips

On a normal day, I visit the market at-least once. If I am on my way to class in the morning, I can easily grab an egg sandwich with cheese for 2 cedis… Continue reading

How Deep?

via Daily Prompt: Roots How Deep are Your Roots Does your tree stand unbothered when the storm captures the night? Does it invest its roots, hungry for wisdom? Because, you see, this tree… Continue reading

A Unique Gray

via Daily Prompt: Gray   Before you read this, I ask that you have an open mind. Try to place yourself in my shoes for a few minutes. 🙂 Being biracial, I am… Continue reading

Art of being Avid

via Daily Prompt: Avid What does it mean to be “Avid?” Avid by Mirriam-Webster definition means: Very Eager (desirous); Wanting something very much (characterized by enthusiasm and vigorous pursuit) At some point in… Continue reading

Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships “Obviously, a long distance relationship is hard. But, like anything worth having you make it work.” -Leona Lewis What is so difficult about the so-called “Long-Distance Relationship?” If you love… Continue reading

Gbeleme Village

WHERE INDIVIDUALISM CANNOT SURVIVE. ~They led the way, I willingly followed We visited Gbeleme (bel-leh-meh) Village for our Service Learning Project. We went with the intention that we’d be able to help with… Continue reading

Ghana @ 60

Ghana’s 60th year of Independence! Ghana gained it’s Independence on March 6th, 1957. Thus, this year marked it’s 60th year of independence! Being able to celebrate Ghana’s Independence day, while physically being in… Continue reading