Ghana @ 60


Ghana’s 60th year of Independence!

Ghana gained it’s Independence on March 6th, 1957. Thus, this year marked it’s 60th year of independence! Being able to celebrate Ghana’s Independence day, while physically being in Ghana, was a dream come true. This officially marks the 3rd major holiday that I have been able to spend in Ghana, with a few more to come. On Monday March 6th, 2017, most of my group left for “Independence Black Star Square” at 3am. They wanted to secure shaded seats for themselves. However, despite the rush for shaded seats, Thomani Geter and I decided to leave around 9am. After-all, we didn’t see a point in obtaining secured seats for a parade. We automatically assumed that we would be parading through town. I guess assuming really isn’t beneficial, because, to my surprise, it was nothing like an ordinary parade. It was much more like a rally. Arriving around 9:30am was perfect timing, though. We arrived just as the president was driving in to give his speech. There were bands, dancers, lots of music, and military men and women showcasing their abilities. I honestly do not understand how they were all able to do it in full uniform. To say the least, it was extremely hot outside. I would say it was about 90 degrees Fahrenheit accompanied by a humidity level of about 85% (not-so-strangely for Ghana, it even rained around 5pm). Unfortunately, there were limited shaded-seats, so plenty of people were forced to burn in the sun, including myself. I must admit that waking up at 3am could’ve been worth it. Needless to say, It was a fun and rewarding experience. The heat in itself was draining, but on the bright side, I did get get a great tan. In addition, I was able to buy a small Ghanaian flag for 2 cedis (pictured above), as well as a “Ghana @ 60” polo shirt to remember the day. I always have to remind myself that Ghana has only been independent for 60 years. This country is extremely advanced to have only been independent for that short amount of time. Truly amazing!