Art of being Avid

via Daily Prompt: Avid

What does it mean to be “Avid?”

Avid by Mirriam-Webster definition means: Very Eager (desirous); Wanting something very much (characterized by enthusiasm and vigorous pursuit)

At some point in our lives, we’ve been avid, whether that means we have been eager, or wanted something very much. I think we can agree to the fact that maybe, even today, there are things that make us indeed, avid. So, I ask, “Why are we so avid?” Is it essential that we slow our vigorous pursuits through stopping to smell the roses?

Many of us have been avid learners, avid dreamers, and most importantly, avid lovers. We are eager to learn, to dream, and to love and be loved.

But, maybe, the real question is not regarding why we are so avid, but why we are not. Why are we not avid in what we do and want anymore? It is almost as if our “avid” trait has been silenced and made dormant over the years. Is this a consequence of the growing disconnect between people?

If purpose is gained through connection and the innate want to feel needed, how can one be avid without connection?

Oftentimes, rather than living life avidly, we find ourselves dragging through life without direction. We are no longer eager and vigorous in our pursuits. We have to bring back the avidity.  So,  I encourage you to remain avid, because there is so much to see and do.