Educational System

In a classroom full of 200+ students, why am I the only student who sits in the front? Sometimes I like to believe that students are actually afraid of professors, which in turn,… Continue reading

Get to Know Us (CA Edition)

“Nothing More Exciting than Meeting New People, Hearing Their Stories, and Being Inspired”  -Unknown Annette Smith “I love the culture, art, music, everything. It represents me, I don’t know where my ancestors are… Continue reading

The Real Ghana #1 Evaluation

You see, Ghana is not all it is portrayed to be, at-least my experience hasn’t been the prettiest at all moments, of course. I want to give huge props to those people who… Continue reading

Interview with Florence Abbah

Volta Region of Ghana This semester, I am centralizing more of my energy into understanding the true differences and similarities between the Ghanaian and American mindset. What misconceptions do we hold against one… Continue reading

Natural Bamboo Village

Another wonder of Ghana… Cape Coast Captivated Our Souls! If you’re in Cape Coast… TRY AND VISIT THIS PLACE! Great vibes. The owner is really nice. The big room is only 40 cedis… Continue reading

Mole National Park

Visiting Mole National Park was a dream come true. It is located in the Northern Region of Ghana, and a must-visit attraction. The drive takes more than 10 hours from Accra, regardless of… Continue reading

Hideout Lodge @ Butre Beach

We made it to Hideout Lodge at Butre Beach, Western Region, after a trek full of excitement! We left Accra around 7:30AM and caught a trotro from Kaneshie Market to Takoradi. It was… Continue reading

January Photos

Christmas in Ghana..

I still cannot fathom the fact that I spent Christmas in Ghana. Needless to say, it was an experience I will cherish forever. Spending Christmas in a foreign country…What could possibly be better?… Continue reading

From people who returned to the U.S.

Messages from people who returned to the U.S.. Below are reactions from students who returned to the United States after making Ghana their temporary home. They successfully acquired the necessary skills to live… Continue reading