Memories will no longer keep us connected

Tossed and turned cause my memories ran so vivid.

The dream never ended,

As much as i killed to erase the memories,

they still survived.

And i hate you for it,

My lips quiver but this time “fuck love” is the topic of conversation.

As i rest my eyes.. this final time, my memories will be faded.

Memories are no longer what keep us connected–I walked out the millionth time-

Smelling serenity,

Wishing for a better me.

Memories flashed and cursed my mind,

My heart was dashing left, while mind raced right,

Was i supposed to take vengeance?

Faultless romance and lovemaking,

A victim of lies and role playing



Timeless memories.

Or should i say FUCK the memories and FUCK the history.

Memories fade, and thankfully this time is different.

Memories will no longer keep us connected.

-Shatesha Morris; November 19, 2015


My Flowers

You fell in love with my flowers so when Fall came around your love diminished

My beauty is everlasting and any concrete person would know that with time and investment my roots only continue to flourish,

A woman of pride and royalty to whom a weak unconscious man cannot compare,

My mind is deeply invested in learning all of the riches of my culture.

My confidence of self grows and molds as my roots are fed with with knowledge,

I am me regardless of who you expect me to be.

As my flowers whither, my branches stand strong and do not dive.

The beauty of me is everlasting. The beauty of me stands firmly. I have grown to be a tree.

She is not afraid of who she is called to be.

-Shatesha Morris; January 22nd, 2016.


The Moon and the Sun

I’m the moon the wolves howl to, you’re the sun the creatures pray for.

I would say that this is holy matrimony, but baby, we are just getting started on this journey that we call “falling in love”

You are the apple to the big city, and the crayon to my kiddish desires.

I hope i am not too corny…

I think I’ve been able to find comfort nestled in your arms.

You. are. so. warm…

The yin to my yang.

The Moon and the Sun

-Shatesha Morris September 12, 2016


Loving Me

A year ago,

You wouldn’t recognize me.

A beautiful being hiding behind sunglasses hoping she wouldn’t be recognized.

Because, of course…

Her eyes told a story.

Like a dusty book in a library waiting to be read,

Waiting for the content to be understood.




Desperately bleeding…

Self-Love, the only remedy.


A…A year ago you wouldn’t recognize me… Because, self-love was only a distant dream.


It is a reality.

-Shatesha Morris September 8, 2016


Not open for your judgment

I used to be so critical when it came to my poetry,


I realized…. I was worried about judgment from people who were too coward to even judge themselves.

My poetry is for me.

Like it or not,

it isn’t open for your personal scrutiny.

-Shatesha Morris February 7th, 2017